martedì 19 novembre 2013

Follow follow FOLLOWPIX by Anna Pitto

What is Followpix by Anna Pitto? It is a fashion blog written by Anna Pitto.

She is a charming person with an excellent trend for fashion style !

When i met Anna i didn't know nothing about her blog,  she explaned me what she did and so i started to follow Followopix and i like it so much!!!

However i saw Anna the previous week and we decided to take a little shooting in Genova... Camilla was busy so i put make up on Anna ( with some Camilla's advices ) and.......................CLICK! 

=====> FOLLOWPIX !!! ;
On facebook :

Thank Anna for this shooting !!

domenica 10 novembre 2013


Yesterday i photographed Camilla in a sort of improvisation. 
It is a simple shooting : only  portraits.

Camilla is also a wonderful pop singer!Follow her on 
Camilla's channel :

With my kitty Lola!