mercoledì 17 luglio 2013


In a searing mornig i went to Villa Bombrini ( in Genoa ) to make a shooting with  Camilla a very beautiful and likeble girl! She had made a lot of tress in her hair and so now she has a strong effect look and it is nice!!! A reason in addiction to take photo, no ?! :D

ahahh :)

Thanks to Camilla,a singer, a make up artist and a model!!

lunedì 1 luglio 2013


BlueBeat is a band born some years ago, it is composed by Stefano Cassano, Tullio Traverso, Martina Vinci and Matteo Murgia : every members sing , play a instrument and write a lot of beautiful tests!

Indeed in this winter they won an important award in a competition for songwriter announce by Mogol with the song " Spettatrice in prima fila ".

Sometimes BlueBeat show in events, in pub and in theatre and i with another coworker are the official photographers,it think, it's right guys?!

Moreover Martina Stefano Tullio and Matteo are all for me important people, not only because of they one day will be very famouse ( i hope!!!!! ) but especially they are a good friends! :)

And now some shoots!

Little fan!

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