lunedì 2 dicembre 2013


I show you a series of pictures took in Genoa with the model Kesi. 
I made some month ago two post with her , do you remember? :)
I shooted while we random wandered  in Genova town.


Camilla's palette

smileeeee :):):)

In this last photo you can observe the beautiful make up made by Camilla! ( follow her on youtube channel )

martedì 19 novembre 2013

Follow follow FOLLOWPIX by Anna Pitto

What is Followpix by Anna Pitto? It is a fashion blog written by Anna Pitto.

She is a charming person with an excellent trend for fashion style !

When i met Anna i didn't know nothing about her blog,  she explaned me what she did and so i started to follow Followopix and i like it so much!!!

However i saw Anna the previous week and we decided to take a little shooting in Genova... Camilla was busy so i put make up on Anna ( with some Camilla's advices ) and.......................CLICK! 

=====> FOLLOWPIX !!! ;
On facebook :

Thank Anna for this shooting !!

domenica 10 novembre 2013


Yesterday i photographed Camilla in a sort of improvisation. 
It is a simple shooting : only  portraits.

Camilla is also a wonderful pop singer!Follow her on 
Camilla's channel :

With my kitty Lola!

giovedì 31 ottobre 2013


Finally i pubblish the photo about "The Sleeping Beauty" !!!

My computer is almost broken and so i m in late to show you this 

shooting :(

However i'm very happy for the result : the model Giorgia is 

gentle and beauty like Aurora and Camilla realized on Giorgia's 

face a fantastic butterfly <3

Thanks you girl , it was a pleasure working with you :*

ahahah please observe mine hairband... it is the same of the shooting "Ariel":

giovedì 10 ottobre 2013


Ariel is my favourite fable of Disney and the shooting yesterday was very nice! Silvia, alias Ariel, is very kind and according to me seems really Ariel! :) This shooting is realized with the important help of Camilla....................Do you remembr her? 

Look here:

She is also a great make up artist ! So thanks to Camilla for the nice make up! :)

With the make up artist Camilla Avvenente

....To be continued!!!